With over a decade of experience in music, it’s no surprise that Rufus Du Sol has an incredibly wide discography. Currently it consists of 2 EPs, 1 Remix Album, 1 Live Album, 4 Studio Albums, as well as several dozen singles and music videos.

EPs and Studio Albums

The Band’s then titular EP, Rufus, was released on January 1, 2011 under the Monekeleon label. This was followed just over a year later with the EP, Blue, released on April 6 2012. This second EP is notable for excellent timing and buildup.

Then the group put out its debut studio album, Atlas, on August 9, 2013. The album peaked at #1 on the Australian ARIA charts and became platinum certified by ARIA.

The group repeated tihs feat with their second studio album, Bloom, that released in January 2016. The album peaked at #1 in Australia and broke into New Zealand charts with a peak #14 placement. And it also became platinum certified by ARIA.

Then in 2018, the group released their third studio album, Solace. Which peaked at #2 on ARIA charts and #32 in New Zealand. The album also gained gold certification by ARIA.

Finally, their most recent album, Surender, was released on October 22, 2021. It peaked at #1 in Australia and #27 in New Zealand.