If you’re a new listener to Rufus du Sol then you might not know where to start with your collection. Here’s our top three list of excellent songs to introduce you to this group.

Starting with “Alive” this song has a melody that pulls you in right from the start. It’s just enchanting with a rhythmic quality that is easy to lean back and enjoy. Then you hear the lyrics sung with the group’s famous vocal talents and come to this song that celebrates the wonder of life no matter what’s got you down.

Next, be sure to hear “Next to Me”. This song is mesmerizing with it’s melody and the piano that comes in loud and clear throughout the piece. THe lyrics are all about celebrating the best parts of life no matter how challenging it can feel. The song is full of so much hope and has a smooth feel that is sure to make you sway.

Finally, “New Sky”  which is both hopeful and harsh at once. It’s a song that talks about that moment in your life when you are backed against the wall or trapped under a pit of bad vibes and bad circumstances. But at the same time it challenges you to leap to something new and take the chance that you never thought you would. Inspiring.